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Brochure Surf-Kath [252 KB]

Hydrophilic coated catheter and sets for the intermittent self-catheterization
( I S C )

By neurological disorders (when the ability to release urine is no longer
possible) hydophilic coated catheters are used.

The intermittent self catheterization is the temporary placement of a
catheter to remove the urine from the bladder.
The user inserts the catheter through the urethra into the bladder and
empties it.
This is done regularly 4 - 6 times per day.
The catheters have a coating that will be activated by contact with water.
Because of this, the catheter gets a slippery surface and can be inserted into the bladder without causing irritations of the urethra.

The product range of medfein consists of:
Surf-Kath = Single use hydrophilic coated catheter
Surf-Kath Plus = Single use hydrophilic coated catheter with
water reservoir

The catheters have a single lumen design with a Nelaton or Tieman Tip.
The material is medical PVC and covered with a hydrophilic coating.
By contact with water the coating will be activated.
The catheter gets a slippery surface and can be inserted through the urethra into the bladder.
The Surf-Kath catheters differ only in diameter (measured in Ch) and length.
Material and hydrophilic coating are identical.
The water reservoir (Surf-Kath Plus) contains sterile water and can be bursted simply by the user.

Example Surf-Kath Plus
After the water reservoir is bursted, the water activates the hydrophilic coating of the catheter. After a few seconds the catheter is ready for use.
Thanks to the attached bliue ring the catheter can be gripped and inserted into the urethra and bladder without touching the surfacee.
After emptying the bladder the catheter will be cautiously pulled out of the urethra and disposed.