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The WING Cage PEEK is an implant for the cervical spine.

Because of degeneration of intervertebral discs, these discs have to be removed and replaced by an cage.
The open structure of a cage allows the bone material to grow inside the cage and connect with the two neighbouring vertebra bodies and complete the bony fusion.
This process should be finished 6 months after the implantation.
During this time the cage should restore the physiological disc height and act as a support.
A cage must deliver the neccessary strength to withstand the pressure of the vertebra bodies but must also have an open construction, so that the bone material can grow inside the cage.

The WING Cage is manufactured from a special biocompatible material (PEEK), that is approved for long-term applications.
Because the implant is in direct contact with the neighbouring vertrebra bodies, the material of the implant should have a similiar reaction like natural bone material.
PEEK fulfils these requirements much better than titanium.

The WING Cage PEEK is available in 8 different sizes, according to the physiological requirements in the cervical spine.

The PEEK material is delivered from England, the manufacturing process is done completely in Germany.